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Welcome to the website of the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

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The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is a network that brings into line and supports practitioners, coordinators of mentor programmes and researchers to share knowledge, practices and powerful stories with the aim of improving mentoring practices across the lifespan. 

Mentoring is a proven instrument. Not only due to tackling youth unemployment, early school leaving, low attractiveness of vocational education, but also by contributing to excellence in study career and entrepreneurial behavior.
The number and volume of mentoring programmes are rapidly increasing in Europe. Research on the quality, methodology and effectiveness of mentoring is however still in its infancy. Investigation of the influence of mentoring on the above-mentioned development areas is important in order to achieve an optimum design of mentoring.
The increasing mobility of young people as well as their need for ongoing mentoring asks for an international approach and a cross-border network in Europe.

Quality of the mentoring relationship

The European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring feels strongly connected to all those people in mentor programmes: the mentees and mentors, young, old, from different cultures and backgrounds. The Center values the relation they have with each other and with the Center. The organization recognizes that it is the quality of this relation that makes the difference!

The European Center appreciates the collaboration between practitioners and researchers and it shares the same goal of improving mentoring and accordingly increase the impact. The network aims at exchanging knowledge and good practices, and learn from the experiences with mentoring in different fields and target groups: youth, immigrants, starting entrepreneurs and more.

The Center wants to connect to efforts on the European level (governmental and non-governmental) that strive for equal opportunities, positive health, social inclusion and employment. To align local, national and European initiatives, the Center will contribute to a learning society.

A collaborative effort

The European Center is a collaborative effort of NHL & Stenden Universities of Applied Sciences and VET’s Friesland College, Friese Poort and Nordwin College.

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Arbejder med at udvikle mentorordninger, forske, give sparring, holde foredrag og workshops om mentorordninger og om det at få en mentor.