Kvalitets-standarder for mentorordninger – i USA

Lær mere om nationale kvalitets-standarder som er  udviklet i USA – se video og læs her:

Mentoring works best when steps are taken to ensure program practices meet quality standards that are safe and effective. How a mentoring program goes about recruiting mentors and mentees, training them, matching and supporting them, evaluating its efforts are critical components of a safe and effective program.

MENTOR’s Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ provides a roadmap for organizations to establish and operate successful mentoring programs that follow research-based practices for recruitment, screening, training, matching, monitoring and supporting, and closure as well as general program management, operations and evaluation.

Kilde: National Quality Mentoring System – MENTOR

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

Arbejder med at udvikle mentorordninger, forske, give sparring, holde foredrag og workshops om mentorordninger og om det at få en mentor.