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HackYourFuture is a non-profit working to provide a better future for refugees and asylum seekers by giving them a very job-market oriented education as full-stack web-developers.

HackYourFuture believe that talented and motivated newcomers can bring a lot of value to society and HackYourFuture aim at supporting the development of peoples potential and create better access to the job market.

In Copenhagen the first 20 students have landed jobs and internships in the IT-industry and we’re excited to try and bring the concept to Odense!

We want to start a pilot class in Odense with 10-12 students based on how we did it in Copenhagen, but with room for changes and improvements.

In Copenhagen we teach our students on Sundays between ca. 12-16:00 and homework is 25 hours of mostly self-directed learning (we provide online support as a community via a Slack channel). The program runs for 7 monthsand is divided into 7 modules of 3-5 weeks, where we teach HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Databases and React.

We also want to do company visits, go to meetups and use the awesome developer community to help our students to integrate as well as possible and let them know that they are welcome.

What do we ask of you as volunteer IT-mentor:

  • That you are motivated to share your knowledge with the students
  • That you work with one of the following frameworks that we teach (JavaScript, NODE.js, React, GIT, MySQL, Express, HTML5, CSS3)
  • That you as a volunteer can contribute in one or more of the following ways: teaching/mentoring at workshop, online support with homework, 1:1 mentoring, CV/Linkedin/interview support. (max 10 hours per week, at least 3-5 weeks at the time)
  • That you can join the classes taking place in Odense
  • That you can teach in English (not all students speak Danish)
  • That you happily dissuade students from using w3schools over MDN for research 😉

What we offer (what do you gain from being part of the HackYourFuture community):

  • Your work directly impacts the lives of really great people from different places in the world
  • You’re involved in a community of talented and awesome developers, which will expand your network within the IT-industry
  • When sharing your knowledge, you get a chance to both become a better developer and learn new things yourself from other mentors
  • There is a lot of room for your own input and ideas

Interested or have any other input? Hit us up on via the application under ‘contact organisation’

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Source: Refugee coding-school looking for volunteer mentors in Odense –

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