Rosetie: Peer supporter i London

RosetieRosetie:  I didn’t want to leave the house and felt worried about seeing others. When I found out about the support Certitude offered getting out and about with their Travel Buddy scheme, I thought that was something for me, so I started working as a mentor. – With my new found confidence I became a peer mentor with Solidarity in a Crisis and after a while, an opportunity came up to work as a Trainee Employment, Training and Education Advisor.

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Certitude has now been working across London for 25 years, supporting people who have learning disabilities and people who have mental health needs. People moving out of long stay hospitals, buying their own home, getting married, getting jobs.

The rise in peer support, the development of community clubs, groups, networks; reaching out and working with schools, colleges and hospitals. The making of films, the winning of awards and lots, lots more.

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Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

Arbejder med at udvikle mentorordninger, forske, give sparring, holde foredrag og workshops om mentorordninger og om det at få en mentor.