Mentoring Works: “It is a big part of my life and I want to continue mentoring and being mentored”

I think everyone should try this experience at least once in their lifetime, even if it is a less formal type of mentoring such as buddy system, which is my newest experience here at ELBA.” – Karolina

“I have been grateful for the opportunity to give back to a young person giving advice and opening up networks to her that would have helped me in my journey. My main hope is that my mentee is able to go on and surpass my achievements (as modest as they are) and that she is also able to do the same for someone else who comes after her. And hopefully there will be only a couple of degrees of separation between me and the next Bill Gates and that they are from East London of course.” – Reg

“Over the past five years, I have been both been mentored and mentored other people. It has been crucial to my personal development, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to mentor others myself, taking what I have learnt from my experiences and passing it onto others.  So for anyone that has never had a mentor before and thinks they don’t need one, I urge you to think twice. There is value for everyone in being mentored, both personal and professional.” – Ben

“To me, mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship, with gains on offer for both parties involved. Having sat on both sides of this table I can say this for certain, as I have had the benefit of being mentored in my professional career and the privilege of mentoring young people.” – Abi

“I have hugely benefited from three mentors in my professional career.  They provided me with a listening ear, suggestions, shared their stories, connected me with other professional contacts and have supported me so much.  Understanding the value of mentoring, I have mentored a colleague, a university student, a community partner and an EaGLE, ensuring I help support others the way I have been supported.” – Andrea

“Mentoring means that you’re able to grow, develop and thrive as an individual. You have the presence of an experienced professional who is solely focused on your progression, constantly pushing you to do better and exceed the goals you want to reach.” – Marina

“What mentoring means to me is the chance to help shape the outlook of young people in this instance regarding the wider world, their place in it and to also provide young people with the chance to work alongside an experienced adult who can advise on steps to achieve a particular goal, or objective.”  – Charles

“Mentoring works really well when there is a good connection with the mentor and mentee.  I am grateful that I had a mentor and I think it’s an amazing concept to buddy people up to help one another. Remember that it is not only the mentee who needs the assistance; the mentor also develops their own skills along the way .” – Vishali

Kilde: The ELBA team talk about how ‘Mentoring Works’ | East London Business Alliance (ELBA)

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

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