Improving Mentoring Relationships – The Role of the Coordinator –

The quality of the relationship between the mentee and the mentor is of central importance to the success of this type of support. Whether the relationship is a means of supporting the mentee to achieve certain goals, or whether the confidence and self-esteem conferred by the relationship itself is the primary focus, the coordinator has an important part to play in ensuring that mentoring relationships achieve what they set out to achieve. – This interactive workshop will explore the many practical ways in which the input of mentoring coordinators can improve the quality of relationships between mentors and mentees, ensuring that they are as effective and as beneficial as possible. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own practice within the framework of good practice for coordinators established by Befriending Networks (BNs) in the UK.

Main goals of the workshop

In the workshop, participants will become familiar with key standards of good practice which form part of the BNs accredited training and quality framework in relation to:

  • Training and supporting mentors
  • Setting boundaries
  • Creating and monitoring relationships between mentors and mentees
  • Managing risk and keeping everyone safe

Additionally, participants will have the chance to discuss aspects of their own practice in these areas – to share concerns and seek ideas and input from other participants and the facilitator. Also, participants will have the opportunity to develop action plans for improving practice which can be for implemented within their own organisations.

Methods applied

The workshop will combine a brief presentation on each practice area covered with discussions and concrete activities both in small groups and as a whole group. These activities will include reflective exercises relating to participants’ own practice and the drawing up of action plans to structure future work. All participants will receive copies of background information, good practice guidelines and presentation materials by email after the Summit.

Target Audience

This workshop would be most useful for people who are currently managing volunteer mentors and coordinating relationships between mentors and mentees. People considering developing a mentoring project might also find it interesting.

Facilitator: Sandra Brown

Source: Improving Mentoring Relationships – The Role of the Coordinator –

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

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