Horizons Mentoring Project – Do-It – for good

Horizons Mentoring Project is a partnership between South London YMCA, Lives Not Knives and Association for Black Engineers. It is being funded by the Greater London Assembly through the Mayors Mentoring Programme.

The core aim of our project is to widen boy’s horizons so that they can see a much bigger picture of their future lives. Improving the life chances of boys in Lambeth & Croydon through mentoring. Other outcomes include building self-esteem and self-confidence, with improved resilience and the ability to resist peer pressure, reduced entry to gangs and other offending behaviour. Increased attendance at school, and increased attainment

Kilde: Horizons Mentoring Project – Do-It – for good

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

Arbejder med at udvikle mentorordninger, forske, give sparring, holde foredrag og workshops om mentorordninger og om det at få en mentor.