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Mentoring helps to build bridges between people of different lifestyles, encourages young people in their development and supports new immigrants to settle into their new environments. Despite the diversity of the target groups and forms of mentoring, there is nevertheless agreement that a sustainable, trustworthy and resilient relationship between mentor and mentee is the basis of this approach and forms the starting point for amazing results.

For this reason, we have chosen the motto “Strong Relationships for Strong Civic Societies” for this 3rd European Mentoring Summit, and we will address three key topics:

  • Improving quality for stronger mentoring relationships
  • The impact of mentoring on society
  • Mentoring with migrants and refugees

What can you expect from the Summit?

We expect around 200 participants from Europe and the USA to come to Berlin. The conference participants will receive impulses, opportunities for exchange and practice-oriented methods.

Target audiences:

  • Practitioners/project coordinators: The summit will give you new “how-to’s” and impulses for your everyday practice. You will receive numerous suggestions on how you can improve the practice and quality of your programme.
  • Managing directors of mentoring organizations: You will gain insights into innovative mentoring models and quality standards and thus the opportunity to reflect on and further develop your own program.
  • Scientists, young academics, students: The summit will provide insights into current issues of mentoring research and offers direct contact to practitioners in the field with their needs and questions. The various sessions will give you opportunities to exchange views with other researchers on methods, approaches and results.
  • Educational planners and decision-makers: You will learn about the latest findings on the impact of mentoring programmes, gain an overview of quality models of mentoring in the social sector and learn to assess the financial needs of a programme.
  • Mentoring supporters and companies: Get in touch with stakeholders and mentoring experts, discuss the benefits of mentoring from different perspectives and learn about quality assurance in organizing mentoring, and reflect on the positive impact of mentoring for the individual development of your employees.

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