Save Trieste’s mental health system

Interessant artikel om hvad civilsamfund kan. Historisk, politisk gannemgang,opmuntrende og samtidig samtidig sørgelig fortælling (LH
The Trieste model of mental health care is recognised by WHO as a world standard for community psychiatry. It has inspired programmes in dozens of countries and is a beacon of hope for clinicians, patients, and families everywhere.
However, Trieste, the city in northern Italy, is now threatened by a right-wing government promoting privatisation and the dismantling of what it misperceives to be politically left-wing psychiatry. This is painfully reminiscent of the destruction of community psychiatry in the USA by President Ronald Reagan in 1980. Læs videre “Save Trieste’s mental health system”

Webinar: Using the Capability Approach to Conceptualise Wellbeing

The capability approach is one of the many different frameworks that can be used to conceptualise well-being. This seminar will address the following questions: How does one use the capability approach to conceptualise wellbeing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the capability approach to conceptualise well-being? For which purposes is this an appropriate framework, and in which contexts should one consider using another framework? What are the consequences for the deeply inter- and multidisciplinary nature of the capability approach to its conceptualisation of wellbeing? And finally, what are some points of attention to keep in mind if one wants to use this framework not just for conceptualising well-being, but also for empirical research and policy making? Læs videre “Webinar: Using the Capability Approach to Conceptualise Wellbeing”

ECEB Mentoring – Meet and Match 2021

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Mentoring Meet & Match 2021
Date: 13 April 2021
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM CEST
Location: Online


Mentoring Meet and Match – An advocacy event

European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring organizes in collaboration with our advocacy committee, national and regional partners a Mentoring Meet & Match, an online event on 13th April 2021. It is the third time that such an event takes place, connecting mentoring organizations, universities, businesses and policy makers from all over Europe.The event’s motto is “Our joint action is our signature of showing the European government our shared belief in the impact of mentoring” Læs videre “ECEB Mentoring – Meet and Match 2021”

Webinar on Youth Mentoring 

Join us on 8th of December 2020 @ 3:30 PM CET

Are you interested in taking youth mentoring to the next level? Want to improve mentoring relationships for young people? Join our webinar as Dr. Bernadine Brady and Prof. Patrick Dolan share their perspectives and research findings to rethink and change how we view mentor-mentee relationships in youth mentoring.

Læs videre “Webinar on Youth Mentoring “

Youth mentoring programs must change in order to become truly effective. The world’s leading expert shows how.

Youth mentoring is among the most popular forms of volunteering in the world. But does it work? Does mentoring actually help young people succeed? In Older and Wiser, mentoring expert Jean Rhodes draws on more than thirty years of empirical research to survey the state of the field. Her conclusion is sobering: there is little evidence that most programs―even renowned, trusted, and long-established ones―are effective. But there is also much reason for hope. Læs videre “Youth mentoring programs must change in order to become truly effective. The world’s leading expert shows how.”

A Mentorship Manual for Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya |

Tina Wilchen Christensen
Tina Wilchen Christensen• 1.Senior Mentorship Advisor for Royal United Service Institute and Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. 
(Kilde LInkedIn)
It is with great pleasure that I can finally share this mentorship manual borne out of five years’ experience of supporting more than 300 at-risk mentees in Kenya under the STRIVE Horn of Africa and STRIVE II programmes, funded by the EU. Læs videre “A Mentorship Manual for Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya |”

Let’s make a change in European and National Mentoring policies

Dear mentoring practitioners, researchers and friends of mentoring in Europe,

Join our action in reaching out to European & national policy and decision makers by joining our online event. It is time to draw attention to mentoring and mentoring programmes, and to communicate that our services are more needed than ever. The initiative for supporting mentoring as a tool for empowering vulnerable groups is happening worldwide, involving leaders from Europe, Canada, US, Singapore, South Africa, UK and India.
#keepmentoring. Læs videre “Let’s make a change in European and National Mentoring policies”