PeerZone Consultancy in New Zealand and Australia

PeerZone has created a team of experts from across New Zealand and Australia to provide consultancy, training and mentoring on consumer engagement and peer service development across health, mental health and disability services. 

PeerZone Consultancy offers you tailor made solutions to your challenges in developing services that are genuinely centred on the people who use them.

To access the new PeerZone Consultancy e-brochure go to

As an introductory offer PeerZone Consultancy is providing free a free mentoring session by phone or Skype to service leaders.

Kilde: Announcing PeerZone Consultancy | Mary O’Hagan | LinkedIn

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

Arbejder med at udvikle mentorordninger, forske, give sparring, holde foredrag og workshops om mentorordninger og om det at få en mentor.