An intern project coordinator for our mentorprogram 

Kompasset is a house for unregistered homeless foreigners. We provide a variety of services such as a day shelter with counselling, a night shelter and outreach work. We are looking for an intern for our subproject The Extra Mile – an intern, who will also take part in the daily work in Kompasset. You will not be paid for the job, but you will get a lot of experience.

The Extra Mile is Kompasset’s employment program, that matches job seeking homeless EU citizens with volunteer mentors since 2014. The mentors coach, motivate and assist their mentees in the many challenging aspects of the job search and the transition from street life to settling in and in ordinary employment. We collaborate with companies to find internships and jobs for the mentees.

Your tasks as coordinator of the Extra Mile will be:

  • Recruit mentees among the users of Kompasset, as well as volunteer mentors and secure a good mentor-mentee match
  • Coordinate and facilitate the training of the mentors and assist coaching the mentors through challenges
  • Organize workshops for mentors and mentees
  • Develop strategic collaborations with partner organizations and employers.

Moreover, you will take part in Kompasset’s daily work a few times a week and learn about our users and our counselling work.

We are looking for an intern, a staff member, with the following qualifications:

  • Strong interest in migration and social work
  • Empathic, open-minded and structured
  • Experience with mentor programs or company partnerships would be preferred
  • Speak English and preferably Danish and another European language (Italian, Spanish, Polish or Romanian). is robust, with the emotional capacity to work with vulnerable people that find themselves in challenging situations.
  • is ready to work in a high energy and a changing environment.

The position is for 35 hours per week and late afternoon work can be expected. The job is from January the 20th 2022 and you will be working together with the old Extra Mile staff member and learning about the job for almost 2 weeks.

Please send your application and CV in a gathered PDF document in English

Deadline for submitting your application is December the16th 2021.

Interviews will be held immediately after.

For more information about Kompasset, please visit:

Source: An intern project coordinator for our mentorprogram Extra Mile –

Forfatter: Lars Holmboe

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